2 Brighton Road Suite:404
Mon-Fri : 8am to 6pm
Sat : Well visits by request

1115 Clifton Ave Suite:101
Mon-Fri : 12pm to 8pm
Sat : 9am to 2pm & Sun : 10am-1pm

Tel : 973.250.2970
Fax : 973.250.2971

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Nuheights Announcing Brighton Location1

Our journey started in 2013 with a goal of providing the best patient care to our very loved ones. I felt there was a significant need for pediatric care with compassion, trust and excellence. I felt parents needed an environment where their children were well taken care of and treated by physicians, as if they were their own. I didn’t know where this journey would lead us to and I still believe we are on a continuous path to accomplish our goals….

I always strive for perfection, innovation, and further improvements. I will never be satisfied with anything less, and know that we can always do better, however, I believe we are making a great difference in our patients’ lives. I saw the need for us to expand into a new and much larger office and raving feedback is showing us that we are on the right track. We are, today, continuing to treat your kids in our new Brighton Wellness Center and Clifton Fast-Track offices, with the same excitement and passion we had since our first patient in 2013.

One thing we know is that we couldn’t accomplish what we have without the hard work, sacrifice and understanding of many people involved with us.

Our Patients: You have trusted us. You have been patient with long waits, at times, prior to our expansion. You have been very understanding. You have believed in our sincerity and even when we might not have been able to deliver the best of news, you bore with us. We love seeing your families grow and you continuing to come back to us. A huge heartfelt thanks to you all!

Families of Medical Staff: While we all work long hours, weekends, you have sacrificed. You have been incredibly understanding and patient. Thank you!

Our Doctors: You embraced our philosophy. You have put our patients’ needs ahead of your own children. You continue to be a blessing for all of us with your hard work and dedication. Thank you!

Our Staff: No medical office can function without a very strong medical staff. You have worked tirelessly beyond your scheduled hours. You all have a passion towards kids. You embraced our “patients first, patient is always right!” philosophy. Nothing could be possible without your hard work. Thank you!

Our work and dedication to you and your children continues…We are working at NuHeights because we love what we do. No other reason.

Ikbal Tokat, MD

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