2 Brighton Road Suite:404
Mon-Fri : 8am to 6pm
Sat : Well visits by request

1115 Clifton Ave Suite:101
Mon-Fri : 12pm to 8pm
Sat : 9am to 2pm & Sun : 10am-1pm

Tel : 973.250.2970
Fax : 973.250.2971
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Special thanks to…

My husband

With special thanks to my husband for his love, support, and confidence in me. Ercument, you made my dreams come true. I never could have done this without you!

Walter & Hacer Marin – Architecture

You made the reflection of having my own office come true. Thank you.

Joe & Chris – Construction

Thank you both for your hard, devoted, and meticulous work in converting my abstract dreams into an actual office, and above all your patience with me.

Ersin Zeybek & Sibel Oz – Interior Design

Thank you for your support in helping me pick the right collection of colors, for ideas and the time you gave me to create a warm and peaceful environment, but most of all standing beside me throughout this whole process.

Omer Begendik – Cabinetery

Thank you for your sincere efforts and help pick exquisite cabinets and counter tops.

Mehmet, Zubeyde & Asli Bilici – Furniture

Thank you for your valuable time you spent with us and your generosity. The office is furnished with such an enormous warm taste that gives the feeling of a home.

Kamil Selek & Yunus Erduran – IT

Thank you so much for working with us day and night to connect us to our patients and the world. We never could have done it without you!

Mustafa Akin & Onur Celik – Brand and Logo

Thank you for reflecting my inspirations into logos, signs and creating brand identity. You have done an excellent job!

Michael Stahl – Best Friend Photography

Thank you for furnishing our office with fabulous photos all of which are work of art!

….and last but not least to my right hand, Dee; to my left hand, Tuba; and to many friends and believers in this project, many thanks for all of your contributions.