2 Brighton Road Suite:404
Mon-Fri : 8am to 6pm
Sat : Well visits by request

1115 Clifton Ave Suite:101
Mon-Fri : 12pm to 8pm
Sat : 9am to 2pm & Sun : 10am-1pm

Tel : 973.250.2970
Fax : 973.250.2971



General Wellness at Brighton Wellness Center

Newborn Care

  • In-Hospital Visits

We meet you & your newborn in the hospital within 24 hours after delivery, and once a day for wellness checks until discharge!

  • Your Babies First Appointment

Including hearing tests, bilirubin check, and weight check.

  • Follow up weight checks

A quicker appointment to monitor the weight a newborn routinely loses and then regains in the first week-10 days of life.

Well Care (Infant/Child/Adolescent)

  • Standard Well Visit Schedule:

At Ages Newborn, 1 Month, 2 Month, 4 Month, 6 Month, 9 Month,12 Month, 15 Month, 18 Month, 2 Year, 30 Month, 3 Years and yearly thereafter

  • State-of-the-art Screenings:

For hearing, vision (including Spot Testing as young as 6 months old), tuberculosis, lead, etc

  • Routine Screening Questionnaires:

For Developmental Delays, Lead Poisoning, Tuberculosis Exposure, Teen Risk, and Postpartum Depression

  • Routine Blood-Work:

Routine Blood-Work done in house by a certified Phlebotomist specialized in pediatric blood draws! CBC, Lipids, Chemistry, Vitamin D & more!

  • Immunizations (all preservative-free)

Call to inquire about vaccine schedule or visit,, or School, Sports, & Camp Physicals

Illness at Clifton Fast Track

Routine and Urgent Sick Care

  • Treatment and management of numerous cases such as Dermatological, GI, Respiratory, Infectious Disease, Genitourinary, and Neurological Complaints as well as referrals to the best specialists in the area when needed.
  • Affiliated with Hackensack University Medical Center and St.Joseph’s Medical Center

Minor Injuries

  • Small Wound Care
  • Suture/Staple Removal
  • Nurse-Maid Elbow (dislocation common in toddlers)
  • Sprains

Rapid Diagnostics/In-House Lab

  • Urinalysis, Flu, Strep, Hemoglobin
  • In-House phlebotomist for extensive blood-work

Personalized Time and Attention

Come Join Us For:

  • Prenatal Visits
  • New Patient Meet and Greet

Health and Wellness Classes

  • NuBaby Prenatal Classes
  • Lactation Support and Classes
  • Nutrition Classes